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  • Drug Demand Reduction & Harm Reduction

    Drug addiction treatment services are operational since 1993, which include residential and community-based services. Clients are provided detoxification, behavioural change counselling, family and social interventions, religious and spiritual groups, relapse prevention skills, vocational skills development and aftercare services.

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  • HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care & Support

    In 2001 DOST commenced HIV prevention and STI management services for drug addicts in addition to the outreach and residential treatment services. These services, which mainly include HIV awareness, Counselling and Testing, condom education and provision through outreach teams, drop-in centres and treatment centres.

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  • Human Rights Protection of Vulnerable Groups

    In 1999 DOST started rights protection and social rehabilitation programme for women and juvenile prisoners in Peshawar and Haripur Districts. Self-help therapeutic communities providing psychosocial, awareness, legal aid, healthcare and vocational skills training are operational in central prison of Peshawar.

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  • Human Resource Development of all Stakeholders

    In 1996, DOST commenced the volunteer, fieldwork and internship programme for the new university graduates and students of different disciplines including social work, psychology, sociology, medicine and management sciences from various universities and colleges of District Peshawar and other Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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  • Community Development

    DOST Community Development Programme ensure services provision to general community including education, employable skills, basic health services, Maternal and Child Health Services, Expanded Program for Immunization, OPD for male Youth and Adults, prevention, clinical Laboratory /Diagnostic and First Aid Services.

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Dost Welfare Foundation (DOST) is a charitable, not-for-profit organization established in July 1992, for providing services to the most marginalized and vulnerable groups in society, including drug users, persons at-risk of or infected by HIV/AIDS, prison inmates, juvenile offenders, minor children in detention with female prisoners, street children, women and children in crisis, refugees, victims of war and disasters. All these groups are mostly poor and lack the resources to live normal lives. Poverty reduces them to a state of marginalization and deprivation in all those conditions which contribute to the quality of human life e.g. health, education, justice, safety, security, housing, employment and credit.


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Drug Demand Reduction & Harm Reduction

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care & Support

Human Rights Protection of Vulnerable Groups

Human Resource Development of all Stakeholders

Community Development


“An excellent and unique facility, which is meeting such an urgent and dire need of the community. The effort deserves every level of support. The dedication of the staff and commitment to the cause they have espoused is worthy of the hghest praise. Dr. Parveen’s dynamism and vision is peerless.I wish her every success in this laudible humanitarian initiation”.

“What an excellent work! Surely the healing hand of the Almighty is upon the staff and inmates of DOST”.

“With this second and longest visit to DOST Foundation, I have obtained a clearer appreciation for the extent of your program, and the dedication of the DOST staff. I wish DOST the best of luck in continuing to spread the benefit of your expertise and program”.

“This is my second visit to DOST Welfare, and first to the present location. First, I should like to congratulate DOST Welfare on acquiring a building of their own. Second, I must admire them for their sustained interest in their present work that needs great dedication. I wish them success and hope they will continue getting needed support”.

“Remarkable work and thank you for a fascinating visit”.

“Congratulation for your magnificent work of rehabilitation in a very human detention centre. You deserve every body’s appreciation and recognition, Bravo!”

“Thanks for sharing, we are honoured to partner with DOST in drug treatment and rehabilitation efforts and look forward to working with you on outreach through the mosques. I congratulate you on the dedication you have shown in this critical field”.

“A moving experience to see the human spirit at its best”.

“Never been in such a centre in my life and must confess that I have been impressed to a point that I would like to bring my modest contribution by way of time spent here or another facility”.

“I have always been inspired by the work you have been doing for the last 25 years. You are a force to be reckoned with and an asset to Pakistan. I know you will inspire so many to follow in your footsteps”.

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The DOST Board of Directors, clients, staff and friends wish to thank the donors for their generous and unstinted support and encouragement in this journey.