Since the establishment of DOST in 1992, Human Resource Development has been our foremost activity. This was necessary due to the ignorance of the society at large with regard to the dangers, risks and incidence of drug abuse in Pakistan and the Needs and Rights of the sufferers of drug addiction.

Our most noteworthy initiatives were with the home Department of KP (then called NWFP), especially with the Police Department, the Prisons Department and the Civil Defense.   

In 1996, DOST commenced the fieldwork and internship programme for the new university graduates and students of different disciplines including social work, psychology,  sociology, medicine and management sciences from various universities and colleges of Peshawar.

In 2011, DOST offered internships and fieldwork opportunities in different service delivery areas including drug abuse prevention and treatment, HIV prevention, human rights  protection, management areas including monitoring and evaluation, finance and human resource management.

DOST worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Counter Narcotics Govt. of Afghanistan and the Home Department and Civil Defense Department of Pakistan for training their staff. Trainees include doctors, counsellors, social workers, police officials, prison health personnel and prison management staff and probation officers. Training is also offered to various NGOs working in Pakistan and Afghanistan.