HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support

In 2001 DOST commenced HIV prevention and STI management services for drug addicts in addition to the outreach and residential treatment services. These services, which mainly include HIV awareness, Voluntary Counselling and Testing, management of STIs and condom education and provision, are offered through outreach teams, drop-in centres and residential treatment centres.

In 2005, the VCT centre was established in Peshawar with the aim of providing HIV awareness, counselling and testing for HIV, and STI management and referral for ARV treatment services for vulnerable groups including, Afghan refugees, youth, migrant/ industrial workers and armed forces.

HIV prevention services for jail inmates started in 2003. Currently these services are available in the jails of 2 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and include, HIV Awareness, VCT, management of STIs, building capacity of jail healthcare staff and provision of psycho-social support to the needy jail inmates


DONOR: Dost Welfare Foundation


Peshawar, the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with over 2.5 million Pakistani citizens, is hosting about 500,000 Afghan refugees who live in refugee camps in the district. The Youth in Peshawar is at high risk of using illicit drugs or being infected with HIV and other STIs due to their high risk sexual and drug use behaviours, inadequate blood screening and general healthcare services available to them.

Overall goal of this intervention is to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS by providing counseling and testing services to the general community and more specifically to drug users.

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Progress Indicators

Year 2015

Number of clients given pre-test counseling services


Number of adult patients tested for HIV, Hep B/C and Syphilis


Number of positive patients (HIV, HBS, HCV, Syphilis)


Number of child patients tested for   HIV, Hep B/C and Syphilis