Active Citizens Programme, Pakistan

Donor: Dost Welfare Foundation


“Youth as Active Citizen’s Program” with support from British Council Pakistan and Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) was initiated in 2009. The program targets youth in different settings- prisons, drug treatment centres, refugee camps, streets and educational institutions. The concept of the program is to develop youth skills and understanding of their communities and through community based volunteer Social Action Projects (SAP) address issues of the communities in drug prevention, HIV/ AIDS, Human Rights and education . Over 1300 youth from different settings were trained in 38 workshops.

The Active Citizens programme links civil society, community leaders and networks of young people and organizations in Pakistan, the UK and other countries. The overarching aim is to deepen trust and understanding within and between communities.

Young participants gain various skills including cross-cultural communication and Intercultural dialogue, and its effective role in community action. They are encouraged to play a bigger role in their communities by addressing social issues through volunteering and ngaging with community influencers and local Civil Society Organizations.

The programme also offers partnering civil society organisations the opportunity to join an expansive platform that offers internationally developed resources for youth leadership development, standardised programme development and delivery frameworks, access to national and international advocacy opportunities and  prospects of interaction and collaboration with partners in South Asia and the UK.


Capacity Building: A national network of expert facilitators is actively supporting learning and development of young Active Citizens. Young people acquire a wide range of skills in leadership, communication, advocacy, citizenship, volunteering, Social Action Project delivery, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, partnerships, and network building skills.

Youth-led Social Action Projects: young people address their unique local priorities with projects to help their communities.

Policy Dialogues: Young people are encouraged to share their opinions and perspective with policy makers and opinion makers through neutral platforms encouraging further debate and exchange of ideas on critical youth centric policies.

Developing networks (International / National): The Active Citizens programme provides young people with opportunities to meet with other Active Citizens from around country and the world, build new friendships, develop international linkages, gain cross cultural understanding, and learn from one another.


Progress Indicators

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