Guloona Night Shelter for Street Living Children of Peshawar

DONOR: Angus Lawson Memorial Trust (ALMT), UK


According to the Asian Human Rights Commission, there are more than 1 million children on the streets of Pakistan's major cities and urban centers, constituting the country's largest and most ostracized social group. Out of these, more than 80,000 children are living on the streets nationwide.

Numbers of street children in Pakistan have been growing rapidly over the last few decades. The ongoing armed conflicts and other natural disasters in Pakistan have further intensified children’s problems in the region. Recent estimates show that there are more than 12,000 children on the streets of Peshawar (a staggering 60% increase in the last 5 years).

One of the good indicators of a country’s development is the way its marginalized groups are treated. Street children in Pakistan remain amongst the most neglected and exploited groups, with most of the children vulnerable to bonded labour, harassment, sexual abuse, trafficking, criminalization and lack access to health, education and other basic needs.

Specific Objectives:

1) To reach out to the children living on the streets of Peshawar and provide 240 children with shelter. 

2) To provide protection, counseling and family reunification services for 240 children residing in the shelter.

3) To provide food, clothes, healthcare, educational and referral services for 240 children residents of the centre. 

Daily Schedule of Activities at Guloona Shelter, Haji Camp, Peshawar

Additional services/activities are  provided in Guloona Kore DCC voluntarily, to all shelter residents who want to avail of them. A work schedule will be planned for each resident and may comprise of the following activities and services:

i. Staying the night at Guloona Shelter
ii. Dinner
iiii.Night prayers and religious instruction/ counseling
iv.Morning prayers
vi.Leave for day activities, according to individual needs: School, place of work, training etc.

Attend/ participate in services and activities of Guloona Kore DCC provided daily, Monday to Saturday, 6 days a week from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. These include the following: 

a) Morning meeting.
b) Health and hygiene sessions.
c) Life skills based education with children.
d) Lunch at 12 noon, for six days a week.
e) Health services.(ASD, medical aid, medicines)
f) Awareness session on Child Rights Convention (CRC).
g) Discussion on child protection issues.
h) Vocational skills training.
i) Non-formal education.
j) Psychosocial support. (Individual counseling, family counseling)
k) Entertainment/recreational activities
l) Social services.
m) Return to Guloona Shelter for tea, religious instruction.
n) Prayers (Asr, Magrib, Isha)


Direct Beneficiaries

Progress Indicators

Year 2015

(3 months)

Number of street children were identified and registered


Street children were assessed psychologically and socially for protection needs


Children enrolled for Formal Education


Children reunified with their families


Children received dinner & breakfast


Children receiving Night Shelter services