Rehabilitation program for the UTPs in KP Prisons

Donor: US-INL

Target Area: 5 Prisons in KP

Project status: 15 Dec 2013 to 14 Dec 2014

Overall Goal:

The overall goal of the project is to rehabilitate Under Trial Prisoners through free legal and market oriented vocational skills training.

Specific Objective:

1) To provide Legal assistance to UTPs in 4 Prisons- Central Prisons of Peshawar and Haripur,  District Prisons of  Timergarah and Mansehra.
2) To provide market oriented vocational skills training in the prisons and in the community after release.
3) To establish referral mechanism with Probation Department for release of UTPs under Probation Ordinance 1960.
4) To provide healthy environment for prisoners through psycho social support services.
5) To establish a strong network with Civil Society Organizations.
6) To provide capacity building training to prison authorities, probation officers, prisoners and police personnel.
7) To carry out advocacy and networking with the National In-service Jails Training Institute, Lahore to share experiences and skills with representatives of the Prisons Departments from all four Provinces.