Families and Community Mobilization in Social Reintegration of Drug Addicts/ Ex- Drug Addicts through Forum Theatre


Donor:               PAN International, UK


Locations:       Peshawar


Duration:         March 2011 – September 2013


Specific Objectives: 

 The following outcomes are expected from the project implementation;

1) Drug users playing effective and productive role in their family system.

2) The families realizing their role in the reintegration of drug addicts.

3) Sensitization and mobilizations of religious teachers on drug abuse prevention.

4) Community sensitization and involvement in social reintegration of drug addicts.



           The goal of this Project is to help drug addicts in social reintegration by highlighting the importance of family and community support through forum theatre. To achieve this, Project will build a team of ex-drug addicts and develop their skill on forum theatre. Participatory approach will be adopted through interventions from the audience.

          The Project scope will not be limited to ex- drug addicts but it will include drug addicts, their families, religious teachers and general community. The Project will address range of issues faced by addicts in their rehabilitation and reintegration in society. There is lack of awareness among the general population especially in the families of drug addict and youth, about the dangers of drug abuse and how to play a vital role to empower and heal them in body, mind and spirit and enable them to live productive and fulfilling lives.

              Forum Theatre as a progression from less interactive theatre forms to a more dialogical process, where theatre is practiced with the people or by the people as a way of empowering communities, listening to their concerns and then encouraging them to voice and solve their own problems. Forum Theatre, being a developmental tool can play a keen role in social reintegration of recovering drug users in their families and society.

             In the recovery process of drug users the families can play a vital role but unfortunately due to lack of awareness the families don’t know this issue. This program will help the families to recognize the issue and will take keen interest in the process of recovery of their beloved